* T1 line, T1 service, T1 New york service from $99/mo * NY NYC Manhattan T1 New York City New Jersey NY- Dedicated High Speed Internet Access - frame relay ... NY, Verizon agent... dedicated access... network security...Call NOW! The place to buy Fractional T1 service, DSL service, ISDN lines, Dedicated T1 line, T3 lines, OC-3 lines, 56k Access and DSL lines... Our T1 expertise will get your business running in no time!

Get a T1 Service Connection !!

T1 Service or DSL Service Solutions is the place to buy Fractional T1 line service, ISDN lines, Dedicated T1 New York service, T3 service OC-3 service, 56k Access and DSL services for you.

  • Dedicated, secure high speed internet T1 New York access
  • Fast dial up connection
  • High speed T1 line Internet service
  • High speed DSL Internet service
  • Frame relay T1 service network
  • Network security planning
  • Proxy server firewalls
  • Installation of your network

We provide personalized T1 new york service and T1 line support. Get your dedicated Internet T1 line access today.

We services the entire United States not just T1 new york . Special low pricing applies if you are located in the NY, NJ metro area as well as Long Island including both Nassau and Suffolk County.

Our dedicated line high speed Internet access ranges from fractional T1 service (56k), to full T1 line service Internet connectivity (1,544k) Dedicated fiber optic and digital cable lines will save you money!

Save up to $6,600 with T1 New York service!

A T1 line can be both economic and efficient, T1 service can connect your entire network to the Internet at incredible speeds 24/7. With T1 service you pay a flat T1 line rate! ISDN dial up accounts charge 24 cents for the first 3 minutes and 4.6 cents for each minute thereafter for local usage. This translates into thousands of dollars per month! Cable modems are costly and will not provide you or your organization with a secure dedicated transmission.


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Get a Flat Rate T1 New York service high speed connection today!
It truly pays for itself!

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